The world of this role play is expansive, and it is here where you will find many of the different gears that keep it going round.





There are dozens of terraformed planets and moons in the new system where humanity has made its home; all of them unique in some way. The comprehensive guide tells you about many, not all, of the planets and their different characteristics.

Planetary Guide


In a system with dozens of planets it is impossible to live without a ship, and ships are as varied as the planets. They run the gauntlet of small shuttle craft, to large freight carrying barges, all the way up to the big Alliance citadel cruisers.


When the two superpowers in the 'verse are China and America the language ceases to be one. What is currently used is a hybrid between the two; though most people use a vernacular that is mainly English.


Between the Core and the Rim there are two forms of money; Alliance credits, and the cashy money of the more Independent Rim worlds. Currency Conversion


Something makes the 'verse go round, and that is the job of the major companies that run the system. They are as powerful as their reach is strong.

Company Listing