Character Name: Tase Connor

Gender: Male

Age: Thirty-two

Home Planet: Slotter Key

Job: First Mate

Weapons: Assortment of hand guns

Appearance: Tase is very clean cut, always dresses to impress. Well, as much as he can impress in his line of work. Always sporting a logoless tee and a clean pair of tan work pants. He almost always sports a hip holster, and can't be found without his steel-toed leather work boots.

His blonde hair is kept short but not too short, and his face is always clean shaven. He is 5' 10", and very strong. Because his work requires him to work outside whenever they are planet side he also sports a fairly dark tan.

Personality: Fun and easy going, Tase is very easy to get along with. He always does what is needed to be done, and never questions his orders, quite possibly why he makes such a good first mate. His easy going nature helps him earn the respect of those he works with, and thus makes everyones just all the easier.

History: Tase was never one to talk about his past. In his mind what had happened, happened, and if it wasn't good there was no reason to remember it. Because of his willingness to forget his past he mostly has. There are a few things and people he remembers about his life before Ira, but what he does remember he doesn't often think on.

One thing he tried desperately to forget was his parents unwillingness to except that he was shipping out with Ira and not working in the tourism industry or on his parents orchard. Because they never approved of how he lived the only person from his family he kept in touch with was his sister Ranna. He often contacted her to keep her up to date on where he was and what he was doing. She never had a problem with how he lived his life so he decided she was at least one person to continue talking to after he had cut everyone else off.

In 2516, when he was twenty-seven, he joined up with Parker as the first mate on Ira. They had met previously, but were not overly familiar with one another when they first decided to go into business together. Tase worked on Ira though all of the crew changes, many courtesy of Kelly and his intolerable behavior, and only parted ways with the crew after he passed away on the job.

He never received the proper treatment he deserved after five years on the job. He was thrown from the mule as soon as he was dead, and then was later picked up by an alliance patrol that was investigating the disturbances caused by Parker and Pavan. Seeing as there were quite a few corpses left behind from the commotion he was pushed to the back of the pile. It was almost a week before they even got to his body, and were able to get an I.D. on him. When it was dicovered that he belonged on Slotter Key he was shipped off, and dropped off casual delivery. Once he was back home his parents burried him in the back of the orchard under the only cherry blossom tree from Earth-that-was to make it to Slotter Key's Coreleigh Provence.