Character Name: Sylvia Querida
AKA: Sylv, Ida (or Idanno to old acquaintances)

Gender: Female

Age: 'Plenny-nine'

Job: Doctor

Weapons: Drugs, scalpel, misinformation.

Appearance: Overall, Sylv seems to have drawn a reasonably lucky lot on the gene pool. She stays in reasonably good shape with minimal exercise (using her bad knee as a scapegoat), only being about ten pounds over an ideal weight for her slender build, standing at 5'4". She has somewhat of a darker skin tone, not completely unblemished - she bears a few minor scars. Her black hair can be a bit wavy in a humid climit, which suits her fine, but she prefers it when it falls straight due to how much easier it is to care for (despite this preference, she keeps it rather long - down to the small of her back at the longest strand). For her clothes, she sticks almost entirely to earth tones and black, wearing pants most of the time and leftover 'business attire' type of work clothes. Though rarely worn in public, she does have the rogue dress or two and a couple colorful tops, but overall she holds a small closet. When working, she is adamant about wearing her white lab coat - "because I'm the doctor!"

Personality: Lazy. Not so much of a procrastinator as a ... not-tinator. If there's something better (read: more interesting) to be doing, screw extra stuff. This is not to say she isn't organized or clean, just that her organization is a bit more sprawled and would probably make little sense to anyone else. When her interest is peaked in something she can be pretty enthusiastic, but these bouts have short life spans and vary greatly in frequency. She is quite confident and has probably a bit too much self-esteem, but contrarily is quite a bit of a realist. On that note (realist), she abhors euphemisms. Lying may come naturally to her, but she still insists that life would be a helluva-lot improved if people would just tell the truth ("Yes, those pants make your ass look fat.").

History: Sylv was always bright, and was raised in a sort of middle-class, safe setting, with the notion that she could be and do anything she wanted. While this freedom led her to many interests, she also struggled with a lack of focus. After a couple years post-high school of slacking off, medical school became her natural conclusion to everyone's insistence that she needed to use her mind. She never went in with any starry-eyed dreams of healing people, blah blah, but rather liked the potential paycheck and prestige. To knock up these goals, she went into neurology. After eight years of schooling and a few years of residency, she had enough of this business of working your ass off for pennies and looked for an easy escape. Without all her certifications, she wasn't about to live her land-owning dream, so she decided to try something more adventuresome (probably motivated by a good book she had just read).