Character Name: Rex Seiben

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty-nine

DOB: July 3rd, 2497

Home Planet: Whitefall

Job: Medic (also has a background with firearms and heavy explosives)

Weapons: A pistol, twin magnums (only for show and sentimental value), an SMG, rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, seven throwing knives, a boot knife and a collection of grenades and heavy explosives.

Appearance: Rex is about 5'6", with an athletic build. He has a light tan, (almost dark) red hair and light blue eyes. His hair comes down to his eyes, just short enough where he doesn't have to worry about it. He has freckles and a tattoo on his right shoulder blade and a barcode (reading 13842-62597) on the back of his neck (right side). The way he dresses is casual, always trying to look nice, but feel comfortable.

Rex's common outfit consists of urban camouflaged cargo pants, suede (tan) boots, a black shirt and a grey vest. Hanging from his pocket is a chain that holds 37 dog-tags on it. He normally wears three necklaces; one with a cross, another with seven dog-tags on it and another with a ring on it, which all three are commonly hidden behind his shirt. His jacket normally conceals various weapons and tools while his shirt helps to cover his tattoos and any armor he might be wearing.

Personality: Rex is a perfectionist and has minor OCD. He is also brutally honest with his patients and his friends, often leading to their distaste to him, though he is kind and nice to anyone he meets. Of course, this means that he prefers the same treatment back. Being a perfectionist, he is often unsatisfied with his work and always puts himself down, though he doesn't bother people with his problems unless they either ask or it involves them. He is normally laid-back and submissive, unless angered or under stress, where he becomes focused and attentive. He is very good at noticing things, such as a knife imprint on a pocket or actions/moods, having great eyesight. He is very sad about his past, and slightly defensive of it. He is still angry and scared of the people that killed his crew and has been an insomniac and a little shook up (and perhaps slightly insane) ever since he escaped.

History: Rex was born on Whitefall in 2497. He was orphaned at age two and lived off of government programs and aid. One of the owners of the orphanage became his father figure, though he was an overall failure. Steve was a mechanic who was never sober, but still perfectly sociable and sane. He taught Rex the basics of mechanics, which was boring to him as Rex didn’t care how machines worked as long as they did their job, but still listened and learned. Steve basically gave up in life after the death of his wife, and warned Rex not to end up like him and to work hard. Taking Steve’s advice, Rex got straight A’s in school and accepted the free scholarship from a medical college, taking chemistry as his second major. He graduated as a medic in just two years, applying his chemistry skills to help him make dressings and medicines from raw materials in the field. His knowledge of chemistry also allowed him to make powerful explosives with basic ingredients, a hobby he picked up from high school, enjoying the thrill of destroying things. His thirst for adventure made him deny the job of a surgeon and became a field medic with a young crew. During the five years with his last crew, Rex was off of Alliance records and little is known about what happened. The whole adventure, however, has left him with a death sentence from the Alliance, plenty of guns, nightmares and a particular fear towards Reavers and the Alliance.