Pavan Headshot by Invader Sam

Character name: Pavan Tayn

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-nine

DOB: January 2, 2498

Home Planet: Beylix

Job: “Acting Captain”

Weapons: Unlike most people in her field, Pavan has chosen to specialize with a few weapons which can also be attributed to her sentimental attachment to them. Her primary weapons are the dual pistols holstered at her waist; in a fire fight her ambidexterity comes in handy, but she favors her left pistol being originally left-handed. For long range and stealth she uses a sniper rifle, but the cumbersome nature of the gun leads her to only carry it when use is necessary.
In close quarter combat, Pavan prefers to use a nine-inch Bowie knife usually sheathed in her boot but she keeps several smaller (and cheaper)throwing knives on her person so that she doesn’t need to worry about retrieving them.
As far as explosives go, she doesn’t care to use them, having little experience with them. Though, the concept of grenades is simple enough for anyone to figure out.

Appearance: In terms of stature, Pavan is on the short side of average standing five foot five inches but she carries herself with a quiet confidence that only someone with two holster guns can manage. Her olive-skinned complexion compliments her dark brown almond eyes and her dark brown hair is cut short, to ear length with bangs. It is somewhat messy, but not enough so that it would obscure her vision.
She normally wears a black, sleeveless top with dark brown pants which are often tucked into her calf-length black boots. She’s taken to wearing a semi-loose fitting , long sleeved, knitted blouse over her black top rather than a duster, which she had worn in her youth.

Personality: Growing up on an outlying ranch has lead her to keep calm in dire situations. This stems from her family’s dealing with bandits and wild animals. In her youth she wasn’t quick to anger though her rather sharp tongue and her blunt, sarcastic comments often lead to conflicts with those that do.
Time has since dulled her somewhat snarky nature and she’s become quite a bit more sociable. She has a habit of keeping things to herself and not letting many people in, emotionally, past experiences have taught her to be cautious when it comes to connecting with people. She’s not the type to spill her life story, but that’s nothing personal… she just feels it’s not anyone’s business.

Still, as acting captain she realizes that she has a responsibility to the crew and to their business contacts and while she might be guarded about her feelings, she has opened up a bit more.

History: Growing up in on a farming settlement on Beylix can be dangerous and because of this Pavan, along with her older brother Padik, grew up learning how to defend their property from bandits and their flock from the carnivorous wildlife. From an early age she was trained in how to use a rifle to defend the cattle and how to hunt with a knife, though it was her brother who taught her how to shoot a pistol.

As the younger of the two children, Pavan grew up idolizing Padik. When he volunteered to join the Independent Faction in the Unification War, she thought her couldn’t look cooler. While he was gone she practiced training herself to under the childish notion of joining her brother in the war (being eleven at the time). When he did return to the ranch towards the end of the war, he came in a box.

After her brother’s death, he parents changed drastically. He father, Allen, became more withdrawn, distancing himself from his remaining child and focusing on keeping the farm running to stave off his depression. Her mother, Ranjana, did the opposite and smothered her remaining child with affection. She finished Pavan’s schooling at home and kept her isolated on the farm for fear of her daughter leaving her the same way her son did.

When Pavan turned eighteen, she left the farm and started living on her own in one of the smaller cities, against her mother’s wishes to gain some semblance of independence and to find something worthwhile to do with her life. Far from Padik’s death deterring her from seeking adventure, it reinforced the fact that she should do something with her life. While working at a local bar she met Parker Zorsea and signed on with his crew. It seemed like just the opportunity she had been waiting for. She felt somewhat guilty about leaving her home planet (the move away from home seemed a bit more permanent when she actually left the planet), she kept in contact with her parents, sending home money to help with farm upkeep.

She spent the next decade working under Parker until the day he just left. She never quite got over his leaving, since she had come to care for him or rather develop feelings for him in a one-sided infatuation kind of way . What had started as respect turned into admiration, which turned into affection. She had idolized him the same way she had idolized her brother.

While she grown up quite a bit and matured, she still has a lingering, deep rooted hope that Parker might come back.