Parker Headshot by Invader Sam

Character Name: Parker Zorsea
Nicknames: Park or Cap'in/Captain

Gender: Male

Age: Thirty-seven

DOB: March 13, 2484

Home Planet: Verbena

Job: Captain

Weapons: He always keeps a small hand gun on him just incase something should go amiss.

Appearance: Park keeps his dark hair short, but not to short. He is of a medium build that fits in perfectly with his five foot ten height. He isn't to short or to tall, so he doesn't stand out to much in a crowd, which can be a good thing, but he is also taken seriously in the company of those he is going to be hired by or is already working for.

Whenever Parker use to go out he would wear his worn brown pants with whatever shirt his could find. Of course he would also wear his vest holster wherever he went. Depending on the climate he could often be found with his long jacket on.

Now that he works for Sign North he is more often found wearing his official dark gray and gold captain's uniform whenever he is on a job, and only in his other clothes when he is working his own private jobs, or when he knows he will not be seeing a client.

Personality: Park is mild mannered and calm headed when he wants to be, but he is the boss and he doesn't let people forget that or take advantage of his good mood.

He cares greatly for those on his ship, and is the only one who can really tolerate Kelly, and even that is a stretch most of the time.

Because of how well he treats his crew he finds them to be very loyal to him, and they have become his family. It is very rare and has only happened once that one of his crew has turned their back on him and outright betrayed him. Though he has only had one backstabber he has had others leave him for various reasons, the vast majority of them have been for their own personal reasons or those created by other crew members, and never on or about Parker as a captain.

Park uses his calm demeanor whenever he is out on a job, and has to use diplomacy over violence.

History: Growing up in a family that was strongly pro independent it was hard for Parker to really think any other way. He wanted to go to war, but his duty to his family and their ranch kept his dreams of fighting off the alliance at bay.

Two years before the war was over Parker came home from the village and found his parents dead in their beds. He was so angry by this that he stormed down to the village, found out who killed his folks, and then killed those sons of bitches right back. Of course they were alliance scum, so Parker soon found himself inside an alliance prison where he stayed for four years before his charges were cleared.

After that he realized that violence wasn’t the answer, and that it would only get him into more trouble. So he bought a ship, named her Ira after the Earth-that-was Polynesian goddess of the sky and stars. He thought the name was fitting for at the time the ship seemed new and shiny, but only too soon was he to realize that looks only get you so far in life, and it is the workings on the inside that take you places. So he hired a crew to keep her up in the air, and started taking on jobs.

One of his more disreputable crew members caused some problems, and he lost quite a few crew members that way, but more were found, hired on, and now he has his own little family.

In 2514 Parker and his crew found themselves on Slotter Key, and that is where Parker met his future First Mate and partner, Tase. During that chance meeting they hit it off, and it was just a year later Parker found himself heading back out to the rim to pick Tase up and make him his first mate.

This caused more problems than it should have. Tase's family didn't trust Parker. He was, in their eyes anyway, to young to be a good captain (he was only thirty-one at the time), and they didn't want their only son running off with a convicted murderer to only end up dead. Tase didn't care, he trusted Parker and knew the captain would look out for him.

It was shortly after Tase joined the crew that the two of them started their romance. Because the two men were afraid that their sly relationship would hurt their business they were very careful about keeping it a secret from their crew and more importantly their employers. Very few of their past crew knew about their relationship, and early in 2518 they only had one crew member left who knew about their romance, and he wasn't going to say anything.

When Tase died on Persephone Parker lost more than a friend and a First Mate, he lost one of his only reasons to keep flying. It killed him a little inside to leave the only person he cared about in the middle of the road, but he did the only thing he could think to do. Had so much not happened since Tase's death Parker would have found it all the harder to go on without him.

But he is the captain, and he will keep flying, for it is his duty to his crew and to himself.

  • Update: Parker left his crew in 2525