Malik Headshot by Invader Sam

Character Name: Malik Rizwald

Gender: Male

Age: Thirty-two

Job: First Mate

Weapons: Small Hand gun, and anything he can 'borrow' from Kelly or Pavan. His body.

Appearance: Standing at five foot ten he isn't short, but he isn't a giant either. He is rather attractive with dirty blonde hair that is usually just scattered around his head in an unkempt fashion. He can sometimes be found with the starts of a beard, but it is soon gone because he doesn't like the idea. The only reason it starts out like that is because he is sometimes to lazy to shave it off.

Usually found in old cargos and army shirts, he could easily pass for a fighter.

Personality: Because of his smashing good looks, and his good temperament he is a big hit with the ladies, much to Kelly's dismay and the ladies seeing as he isn't interested in a relationship right now. He is more worried about where his next job is going to be, and when he is going to get paid.

History: Raised in a rich family from the core Malik had everything as a child. But by the age of fifteen, he wanted more out of life. Taking up kick boxing, karate, and any other form of martial arts he soon became a master. His parents of course didn't approve of this, so they tried to get him to stop. Unwilling to give up what he loved, he left his home, and moved out to the rim. There he ran with some different ships for a while, and actually worked with Parker for a breef spell, before heading off to join up and work as a hire out body guard.

Things didn't work out very well for him as a body guard on the core, so he is looking for a way to get off the rock, and get back up into the black.

His background with his family gives him a rich understanding of language, and he is able to talk his way out or into any situation.