Letti Headshot by Invader Sam

Character Name: Letti Shepard
Nickname: Letts, Shep

Gender: Female

Age: Thirty-two

DOB: April 23, 2494

Home Planet: Nexus

Job: Mercenary

Weapons: Double barrel shotgun, silenced pistol

Appearance: Letti might be from the core, but she doesn't look it. Her eyes are a very light brown that is almost yellow, and her auburn hair is kept short, about to her chin, and shaggy as to make sure it doesn't get in her way.

She cloths her five foot nine frame in the uniform of the company she is hired out from which includes a dark leather double breasted jacket with tight light tan pants with a leather stripe, of the same color of her jacket, running up the outside of each leg. On her feet are knee high strapped and laced leather boots. When she is hired out she often wears the uniform of the company she is hired to work for unless of course they do not have one, and then she sticks to her usual getup.

Under the plain white sleeveless shirt she wears under her leather jacket is a list tattooed down the left side of her back, starting at the base of the shoulder and running down the length of her back. It is a list of every bounty she ever took in, and a reminder of her old life. The few times she goes without her jacket the top of the list can be seen, and though she never tries to hide it, she doesn't like it being brought up either.

Of course no matter who she is working for she can almost always be found with her double barrel shotgun slung across her back.

Personality: For a bounty hunter and mercenary she is actually pretty nice. When she doesn't have to kill some one she can be rather pleasant to be around, but when she is told that it is time to go to work she does exactly that.

Letti is usually not one for bonds either. She can be sweet as hell, but she is well aware that she won't be staying with one ship for very long. Though others have been known to grow fond of her she tries to distance herself for the sake of her own sanity when her contract is up. It does her no good to grow attached to people she will probably never see ever again.

History: Growing up on the core Letti was trained in the way of the Alliance, and would have fought on their side had she not been only sixteen by the time the war ended. It wasn't that she believe one side was more right than the other, it had more to do with regional loyalty. She loved her life on the core, and at the time she could not understand why other people would be upset to receive the same kind of treatment. It wasn't until she was older and word of what the Alliance had done that she began to change her tune.

Letti was born with the heart of a fighter. As a child she often would try to wrestle with her older sister or engage in the mock fights the boys her age would put on in the school yard. This behavior was distressing to her upstanding parents and unwilling, and confusing to the boys who would refuse to fight her based on the fact that she was a girl and thus not worthy of battling with them.

When she was fifteen she discovered the dueling rings. It was her time there training with people her age and older that gave her the courage to go after her bounty hunter license when she turned twenty. Something she would never even had dreamed of getting had she tucked away her love of combat as her parents would have liked her to.

After the incident on Miranda was brought to light and the names of those responsible were let out, she was one of the bounty hunters who hunted them down. It wasn't easy, but after three years of hunting and turing those in that she found, she was recognized and rewarded by the Alliance for being the bounty hunter that brought in the most heads.

Shortly after the ceremony she decided that she had had her fill of the life of a bounty hunter. Unless names were plentiful it wasn't worth it. So taking a step into a more stable career path, she became a mercenary. Not wanting to test her luck in the ports she applied to work for the prestigious Mackenzie mercenary firm. It was from the Mackenzie firm that she first got her start with Captain Zorsea and the ship Galileo.

What was only supposed to be a six month run to replace a former crew member turned into a six year trek, and her leaving the Mackenzie firm to cover the role of first mate after the captain that hired her left.