Character Name: Kelly O'Dell

Gender: Male

Age: Thirty-five

Job: Hired Gun

Weapons: Kelly has more guns than a small army, and that is the way he likes it. He also has a variety of knives, and other weapons like grenades, and other explosives. He knows how to use all of them with the skill of a fine craftsman.

Appearance: Kelly has short light brown hair that is short enough that he doesn't have to bother with it. He also sports rather cunning looking goatee that would make him look rather handsome if he didn't always look like he wanted to kill someone.

At about six feet five inches tall he is quite a force to be reckoned with seeing as he is also extremely strong. Very muscular and rugged looking he uses that to his advantage.

Usually he wears fitted tee's with a variety of logo's on them (some of them very crude), and a pair of worn jeans with his black or brown combat boots. He also considers himself not fully dressed if he doesn't have a holster around his waist. Also, when he goes out he likes to wear an old green army jacket that belonged to the father he never knew. Besides fitting his personality and look it also serves to cover up any weapons he might be caring with him at the time.

Personality: Growing up with a name like Kelly didn't do wonders for the child, and instead he became a hardened criminal. He doesn't care to really know people, and would much rather keep to himself. He comes off as a very intimidating figure, and uses that to get his way, but really he can be very pleasant person to be around as long as you don't anger him. He can also be very crude, and takes to swearing more often than he probably should.

Though he doesn't seem like one for loyalties he is very loyal to his captain, and would do almost anything for them. He does draw the line at some things (mostly things he doesn't really want to do).

Not really in tune with others emotions he is quick to make a snide remark, and has been known to bruise the feelings of some of the crew on occasion. The captain really isn't fond of this quality, and has been known to get onto Kelly about it on more than one occasion. Of course you can't teach an untrained dog new tricks, so Kelly rarely learns from his mistakes. Unless of course it comes to a bullet wound.

History: Growing up on a rural moon he never really had the chance to go to school. Ok, he had the chance, but he really didn't take to fondly for it. Instead he took to crime at a very young age, and then thought himself how to fight and use a gun. His mother was not happy with this at all, but having no husband she found herself working all the time to support her small family. What she couldn't make from her job, Kelly would supply through his stealing. For a while his mother refused to take what wasn't her's, but when the moon was hit with a serious depression, and she lost her job, she found that Kelly was the only one who could possibly keep their heads above water.

He joined ranks with a group of thieves by the time he was eighteen, and found that life more or less satisfactory. Then one day after an unsuccessful heist he found himself on the other end of the gun, and then jail bars. He spent some time behind bars, and was about to lose an appendage for his trouble when the captain came along. Kelly, twenty-four at the time, and as soon as he saw him pass by the jail cell he knew that the captain was his way out. So he called to this semi wealthy looking man, and asked that if he could pay the debt on his head that he, Kelly, would work for him until the debt was paid. Parker, liking the look of the strong man, agreed, and had Kelly set free. Of course he had to spend the next four years of his life working for nothing, but it was better than losing his hand. Besides, the captain treated him well enough.