Iris Headshot by Invader Sam

Character Name: Iris Goodsend

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-five

Job: Pilot

Weapons: Does the whole ship count..... if not then daggers, the ships weapons (if it has any), a limited knowlegde of guns, ancient bomds in glass vials.

Appearance: Iris stands at 5'2 with blond hair to her mid-back that has black and purple streaks through out her hair. Eyes a deep purple color have darken with each hardship. Normally wearing baggy black pants and a skin tight shirt that would show her flat stomach which she worked hard for. As well as at least one weapon on her be it a katana or a sai. Also if ever planet side she would where her mentors old black duster that still fit her.

Personality: Iris is a caring person that treats her friends as family. If one of them is injured she'll rush them to help. if they need help shooting things she'll be there. The one problem she might have is that once you do some thing to her family she destroys your whole life... though that was before and the anger management seems to be working... hopefully. Though she will forgive some times its just a matter of how close you are.

History: Her home life was difficult as in that she felt one way like her younger sister and her Father and Step-Mother felt another. Some would actually never believe her when she says that her father is an alliance bastard. After men came for her sister because she would have fits. Her father taught her how to be an alliance militant and how to make bombs like the ones form Earth-That-Was. When she was fifteen she learned that Lily had been murder... by her whore of a step-mother. And so Iris ran away and slept in the underground, working her way up to a spot higher on the food chain. In the under ground she met her mentor that taught her to hacker and fly. After the raid that killed her mentor she left and toke to flying as a polit-for-hire.