"Someone has to keep this 'verse running," Nandaline Sovenjon, CEO Sign North Station

Even before the Unification War, but even more prominently afterwards, there were companies vying for power in the 'verse. These companies have spread their reach over their domain, and it is almost impossible to go anywhere in the 'verse without bumping into their powerful influence.

They are the companies of Blue Sun, The Trade Guild, Interstellar Communications, and Sign North. Between the four of them they rule legal trade and productions in the Core, illegal trade in the Rim, and communications over the whole of the system. They are powerful and far reaching.

Blue SunEdit

If you want it, Blue Sun makes it. They run the gauntlet of food stuffs, technologies, weapons, ships, and anything else you could possibly want. They operate out of the Core, but their goods can be found even on the most remote of the Rim worlds.

The Trade GuildEdit

That Blue Sun tuna didn't get from its factory in the Midway to your table in the Core without the help of the Trade Guild. If it can be bought or sold, and it needs an interplanetary transport the chances are it came across on one of the many Trade Guild freighters that run around the Core and Midway planets (as long as it was legal transport that is).

Interstellar CommunicationsEdit

Or ISC as it is often called, is the group that gets all interplanetary messages from point A to point B. Without their system of satellites and communication relays that real time link between worlds would be impossible. If it links to something else it runs ISC. Land to land, ship to ship, ship to land, all communications go through ISC.

Sign NorthEdit

If it's on the Rim chances are it came through Sign North and Nandaline Sovenjon's group of smugglers. Sign North's operation is purely black market, and if you want it chances are Sign North can get it for you.

Nan might not run all smuggling, but she and Sign North have their fingers in many pots. Rumors state that Nan has often had more ships in her employ than the Alliance, though such rumors have never been verified.