Chris Headshot by Invader Sam

Character Name: Chris Martin

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-seven

Job: Mechanic

Weapons: Does a wrench count?

Appearance: With a beautifully heart shaped face with pale blue eyes, and copper colored hair Chris is quite a sight to behold when she isn’t cover in engine grease or in her dirty coveralls. She can clean up really well, and likes to on occasion, but is usually found dirty and in the clothes she wears to fix and maintain the engine.

She is a rather small girl of only five foot four, and is a light weight at only 110 lbs. Of course her small size is perfect for getting into those hard to reach places in the engine room.

Personality: Chris is mostly a bubbly individual who loves fun and games. This can cause those less bubbly around her to hold it against her, but mostly people find her rather enjoyable to be around.

She can be very serious, and is very worried and concerned with those around her. She loves all the people in the crew, and always wants them to be safe.

History: Chris grew up with her father and mother on a small back moon. She did all right in school, but after she graduated she started working full time in her fathers shop. She was quick to pick up on how machines worked, and was able to fix almost anything after about a year and a half of working for her dad.

She actually ended up joining the crew by accident after overhearing the captain talking to a parts store owner. She didn’t want the captain to get ripped off, so she spoke up, and told him that the part he was going to buy really didn’t need to be replaced by the sound of it, only reprogrammed. The captain was thankful, and after seeing Chris fix it in no time flat he was quick to sign her on with the crew.