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The main story of the role play centers around a group of characters flying on the ship Galileo, an Orin 5700 cruiser.

They have gone through a good number of crew members in the thriteen years they have been flying, and here you will find information on many of them.

Parker Zorsea 2514-2524
Pavan Tayn 2524-present

First Mate
Malik Rizwald 2515-2515, 2521-2521
Tase Connor 2515-2521
Pavan Tayn 2521-2524
Letti Shepard 2524-present

Hired Gun
Kelly O'Dell 2516-2521
Pavan Tayn 2518-2525
Letti Shepard 2521-2525

Danni San 2514-2516
Stacy Lanzer 2516-2517
Nathan Riley 2517-2520
Iris Goodsend 2520-present

Laun Ray 2514-2517
Lessie Talte 2517-2518
Alicia McDowell 2518-2519
Chris Martin 2519-2521

Sylvia Querida 2519-2521
Rex Seiben 2521-present

Odds and Ends
Ashara Verity - Companion present
Adaline St. Clair - Cook 2521-2521