Kyleen by Invader Sam

Character name: Ashara Verity

Gender: Female

Age: Thirty

DOB: September 10, 2493

Home Planet: Sihnon

Job: Companion

Weapons: 3 throwing knives, proficient with swords and guns as well.

Appearance: Blue eyes, Blonde hair, Fair skin, Dancer's build, 5'7".

Personality: Rebellious, outgoing, charming, sexy, anti establishment.

History: Has an older sibling who is the "golden child". Pro Alliance family, rebellious. After training at school and being respectable companion for a year was traveling and saw an Alliance patrol wipe out a small town. She lived because her sibling was in charge and let her go. Four years later joins crew of Galileo. Appears pro Alliance/neutral (that's what is expected by Companions) but in actuality Anti-Alliance. Minimal contact with family.

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