Addy Headshot by Invader Sam

Character Name: Adaline St. Clair

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-six

Job: Passenger

Weapons: None

Appearance: Adaline is strikingly beautiful with polished features, jungle green eyes, long dull brown hair that can mostly be found hanging in front of her face, a perfectly shaped mouth, and a killer body to go with it. And at five foot eight she isn't short for a woman either.

Adaline was brought up in a wealthy family, but when it comes to her choice of clothing it is more down to earth. Also, after running from her past she didn't bring anything with her, so all she can get to clothe herself she has earned by working for it. Her once beautiful clothes have been replaced with worn skirts, shirts, and dresses. She looks like every other country bumpkin, and if you didn't look her in the eye you wouldn't realize how pretty she actually is.

Personality: Even though she grew up in a wealthy home she isn't spoiled. Well, she was at one point, but after six years running from your past will change a person. Where she was once stuck up, she is now down to earth. Where once she followed her passions blindly, she now tries to see the outcome in advance. Her old self is completely gone, and her new self has taken over.

History: Growing up as the only daughter of a wealthy land owner on a back moon she found she had a very sheltered childhood. As a child she found herself sneaking out of the house to go explore the towns her family owned.

When she was twenty-one she found herself in a pickle when she was kidnapped by a group of thieves. In order to save her skin she decided to work a deal with them. She would tell them how to enter her fathers house, and steal all of his money, and they would get her off world. The group was impressed by her willingness to stab her old man in the back, so they let her tell them her plan.

Everything went as planned until one of them got caught. Not wanting to face the consequences of her actions she left planet, and never returned.

And that gang of thieves that lost one of their own. Well, wouldn't you know that it was Kelly and his men.